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Now, more than ever, has urged people to make ‘home office’ (work from home) to avoid the spread of the virus coronavirus Covid-19. This has given rise to the ambassador of the united States, Christopher Landauwho has complied with this recommendation, to spend more time in the privacy of your home located in the colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City.

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The ambassador of the united States he lives in a beautiful mansion in Lomas de Chapultepec that us has boasted in social networks, because while the doctors and health specialists are trying to combat the ravages of this pandemic, Christopher Landau has taken refuge in his residence, who also spoke to the background.

“Now that I am working a lot from home, I’m going to take a look,” he wrote on Twitter.

In addition, Landau shared a series of photos on his Twitter account of the mansion that was built in the late 50’s by the architect Carlos Reygadas, that has served as home to the ambassadors from the mid-60’s, its design is modern and spacious, has a large garden and ample space for receptions and meals.

The u.s. ambassador confused by some data, he pointed out that this mansion had it replaced a palace from the era of the porfiriato, located in Zona Rosa, but then corrected before indicated and assured that the building referred to was the Cobián, the current headquarters of the Secretariat of the Interior in the colonia Juárez.

Other details that have not gone unnoticed by the diplomat were works of art with which he decorated his home that he shares with his wife Caroline and their two children, Nat , 19 years old, and Julia, 13, as in the images is reached to appreciate a sculpture by the mexican artist Leonora Carrington, but the ambassador confessed that in your residence, there are seven of his works.

The journalist Alberto Tavira also retook the tweet of the ambassador, and recalled the occasion, in 2005, in which he interviewed the then U.s. ambassador, Tony Garza, and his wife, the well-known entrepreneur, mexican, María Asunción Aramburuzabala.

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