The Legend of Zelda: a Man makes a spectacular COSPLAY of Midna


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it was without a doubt one of the best video games of Nintendo and the popular Misch Axel demonstrated a detailed transformation with its cosplay full Midnawho is the Princess of Twilight that helped the hero Link during your cruise.

Misch Axel he is originally from Germany, is cosplayer professionalstylist wigs, as makeup artist (makeup artist), talents to transform your attractive masculine appearance to that of a sultry female character, was praised for its more than 13.4 thousand followers on Instagram.

The cosplay of Midna looks identical to its final version in the saga is Twilight Princess, since the wig orange, makeup to match the green tone of the skin, shadows in the eyes, pupilentes yellow and the detailed crown, which completes the characterization, were carefully recreated by the cosplayer are German.

“This is the best cosplay of Midna”


“You’re a genius of cosplay”

Tutorial for cosplay of Midna

Misch Axel even shared it on his YouTube channel the complete tutorial for becoming the Princess of Twilight from head to foot, then took the same dress that the female character and showed his passion in this art of characterization, remains an inspiration for all those who aspire to the same thing.

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We are confident that this cosplay is one of the best that have been made to the theme The Legend of Zelda series, as being a characterization not usually seen in social networks, Misch Axel was awarded with the title of genius in the comments of their thousands of fans by other dramatic results with other characters such as Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.