The shocking revelations of the king of Thailand and his treatment towards women


Branch X has not left aside his life of excesses, nor in the full contingency of the coronavirus

Once more the king of Thailand, Branch Xit has become a topic of conversation, because before the wave of the pandemic Covid-19 that is gripping the entire world, refuses to leave its common getaways to Europe. Despite the fact that this continent is arrested by the high rate of infection, the monarch has managed to enter a hotel in Germany, where it is said takes place extravagant and shocking holidays full of excesses.

According to the magazine Vanitatis, the king of Thailand managed to stay with all his harem in a modern sports complex of winter in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which was closed to the public, but at the request and insistence of the monarch was only open to receive it along their 20 womenand there enjoy a stay of debauchery.

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The british journalist, Andrew MacGregor Mardhall, who lives in Australia, has been given the task of a thorough investigation, whose results have been picked up by newspapers, such as Royal Stories, or, revealing what actually happened in this hotel room.

The revelations of the journalist have been terrifying, as sources close to the monarch have confirmed that some women are drugged and placed at the mercy of the king of Thailand in a room called “the hall of pleasures”. Also, you speak of the lovers of the sovereign suffer psychological pressure similar to that of the members of a sect.

The research by Andrew MacGregor Mardhall also point out that Rama X would have chosen for his harem to younger women, the majority tend to be those who joined the army with the hope of being seen by the monarch, and get out of the situation of poverty, many of them are incentivized by their own families.

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Once inside, these young men entered a regiment of the special air force called the Special Air Service (SAS), in that they are forced to change your name and all adopt the same: Sirivajirabhakdi. As it was in the case of Niramon Ounprom, nicknamed Koi, a nurse who in April 2019 was presented by the monarch, who ascended position, but to his bad fortune that same year, the king repudiated.

This whole situation has caused the dissatisfaction of the thai people, which is prohibited from issuing any bad criticism for its ruler, because it is punished by their laws for up to 15 years in prison.

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