Video controversial: Is it beautiful? Criticize Maluma about his new girlfriend ¡Mírala!


Maluma was harshly criticized in the social networks ¡Pobrecito!

Juan Luis londoño Arias better known as Maluma is a singer and colombian composer of 26 years of age who has managed to conquer all of Latin america with their talent, and as if outside little, has a stunning beauty How beautiful!

Recall that the singer Maluma maintained a beautiful relationship with Natalia Barulich, but unfortunately for many of his fans this love came to an end from one moment to another.

And as with everything in life continues, we have recently observed a video in the account of Instagram of the singer Maluma that has surprised all her fans as we can clearly see that the artist has a new girlfriend What a good news!

The video that we quote the following:”Now I present to you my company for this quarantine, thingy hermosaaaaaa” this simple comment led to the explosion of social networking in matters of seconds.

Apparently the fans of Maluma are not very happy as they have made comments a little out of place, and among them we highlight: “There can be so many girls beautiful and your aff as you notice that you do not know me in person jajajjaja I love you”