What is the real name of José Eduardo Derbez?


José Eduardo Derbez he is the son of Eugenio and Victoria Ruffo, who since very young has worked in the middle of the show, however, despite being very famous and followed in social networks, few people know its real name.

Name Jose Eduardo

Many do not know but his real name is “José Eduardo Eugenio González Martínez del Rio”. Your first and second name “José Eduardo” chose your mother, and obviously, the third his father, but the actor does not love at all because it is too long.

The first surname of his mother is Martínez del Rio and in addition to Gonzalez already created a long name, and if to this we add the three names that they chose their parents, resulted in a tremendous and giant name.

It is worth mentioning neither him nor his brothers (Aislinn and Vadhir) are called Derbez as this is the second surname of his father, Eugenio González Derbez.

José Eduardo confessed in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda announced that only would name the first and second but when his parents took him to the civil registry was when Eugene came up with which will also be called as him.

Look below at the interview with José Eduardo Derbez

In this interview also revealed a number of things that occurred in “Travel with the Derbez” that no one knew. He spoke about the intense massage, tattoos in family, among other things.

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Down here we leave another video where José Eduardo questioned her mother about her name.