Wife of 90-year-old becomes Rosalia and sings to the coronavirus from a residency in Spain


To your 90 years, Magdalena Ariño not to lose the will to live and wants to make us all aware of the importance of staying at home to combat the pandemic coronavirus.

The lady, who lives in the nursing home Ballesol, in Murcia, Spain, is put on the skin of the famous singer Rosalia and created a version of your success I x you, You x Meto explain the importance of protecting ourselves among all practicing social distancing, and so “we can come back to embrace us” very soon.

“If you’re home you won’t regret it, surrounded by games and your people. See the positive side always and look at all the time that you now have”, she sings, Magdalena, which has become the best imitator of Rosalia, even with its extravagant nails.

The video clip, posted on YouTube by The Independent, was joined by other elders and staff of the residence to ask that we care for each other, let’s try to take the good of this situation and we take advantage of the free time to do useful things, fun and share with family and friends through technology.

Magdalena has become a celebrity of the networks and their video is giving around the world.

This is one of many initiatives that are circulating on the networks to raise the awareness of people that the best way to protect yourself and others is to stay home and attempt to leave only the essential.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has already affected more than a million people all over the world and has claimed the lives of more than 64 thousand, there are still many people who don’t take themselves completely serious about this health crisis.

The World Health Organization has warned of the importance of complying with measures to curb the pandemic, and not wait for the numbers to become names of family and friends to take awareness.

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