10 curiosities of ‘The Pit’, the international phenomenon of Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia


‘The Pit’, the opera prima of Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, was released in movie theatres on November 7, 2019. With little promotion it came to very few rooms, so that is not raised over 220,000 euros only reaching to 39,000 spectators. Now, the tape has had a new opportunity to get to Netflix. After landing on the platform, ‘The Pit’ has become an international phenomenon, reaching top 3 most watched show in Spain and as the film seen by more people than in the united States. If you became eager to know more of this movie, we have collected 10 interesting facts about her.

The hole

Curiosities of ‘The Pit’

1 The leftovers from the catering

The food is one of the most important elements of ‘The Pit’. It is present throughout the film, and leads to many disputes among the inmates. When the protagonist is at low levels, the food has to look very crushed, as if it had already passed through many hands. To do this, the team of art of the tape would pick up the leftovers from the catering and the nearby restaurants and put them on the platform. If it is unpleasant in and of itself, we must add that the shoot was in the summer and at the end of the day, with the heat that was doing it, the platform generated a very strong and objectionable odor.

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2 The hard preparation of Iván Massagué

During the movie, Ivan Massagué, the protagonist, experiences a physical decline due to the lack of power from that goes into the hole. By the requirements of script, the actor had to lose 12 pounds. However, since it is a production with a very small budget, the filming was unable to stand up to half for Massagué adelgazara those extra pounds, so we had to do it while rolling. During the six weeks of filming lost those 12 pounds with the help of a dietitian.

The film was shot in chronological order, so Massagué ate practically the same thing that I saw in the fictionsomething that also helped him get into character. “I had two or three moments a day of crisis in which I felt I had the monster of hunger. I knew that it took about twenty minutes and, if I looted rolling, trying to take advantage of it and be incorporated into the character. But if it was not so, it was pretty fucked up and what went wrong”explained to Frames.

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3 Involved in the role

Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor) is practically the only character eats throughout the movie. Among the trash and leftovers that put the art team on the platform, atrecistas placed in two or three strategic points on real food that he could eat. However, Zorion was getting into both the skin of Trimagasi just eating everything, even the remnants of the last days of the nearby restaurants.

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4 Of work from theatre to film

In the beginning ‘The Hole’ was created to represent solely in theatre. Were David Desola and Pedro Rivero managers to write and shape history. Unfortunately, this project did not come out ahead, but when the script reached the hands of the director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, the project took a different form. Gaztelu-Urrutia took nearly two years to adapt the script to turn it into a feature film.

Due to the low budget they had and the production plan so tight that they had, the director had to plan every detail of the film, by drawing each sequence in a total of 1,000 pagesin order not to miss even a second during the shoot.

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5 The actress who plays Miharu was a contestant of ‘operación Triunfo’

Alexandra Masangkay is responsible to get under the skin of Miharu, that character silent and enigmatic that helps the protagonist on several occasions, and seeks tirelessly to his daughter. Masangkay is an actress, singer and dancer and he took his first steps in the eighth edition of ‘operación Triunfo’, in which it came to the final being in the fourth position. After that, he has appeared in series such as ‘Dreamland’, ‘I would like’ and ‘+ 100 lies’ and in films such as ‘1898. The last of the Philippines’.

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6 The depth of the hole

On several occasions we are shown the enormous depth that has the hole, with levels and levels that seem to have no end. When at the end we discover that it has 333 levels and knowing that each level of the building has a height of 6 metres, the pit would have a depth of 1,998 square. If in addition we add the zero level and the basement which is where the falling platform at the end of the film, the hole in the fiction that has approximately 2.022 meters of depth.

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7 Only created two levels

Although there are more than 300 levels, to burn ‘The Hole’ only created two of them and the rest was added digitally. Are created with concrete to a structure efficient, long-lasting, impregnable, aseptic and indestructible. In addition, they made a construction based on geometric lines, simple and with a minimal furniture.

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8 Same proportion

All the elements of each level are saved the same proportion to create images very graphic, repetitive, and grim. The platform and the elements that are in each level have exactly the same proportions: the plates of the walls, the toilet, the mirror or the tables. The fixtures, the beds and the sinks have the same ratio but multiplied by 1,33.

This contrasts clearly with the food, that represents just the opposite. Each plate of food does not keep any proportion with the rest. The food is spot, liquid, changeable. It has round shape, is soft and has ochre and warm. A little bit of light into that kind of prison.

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9 The terror of the shoot for the stars

Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia creates a film claustrophobic with unpleasant scenes and actually scatological. For its protagonists, many sequences were not anything easy. Antonia San Juan, who plays Imoguiri, says that he felt a lot of vertigo and that went very wrong in those scenes in which I had to zoom in to the edge of the hole to talk to those in the level below. In addition, note that the director asked him to constantly get closer to you caught well the camera, as she unconsciously did not realize how far away that was.

For Ivan Massagué one of the scenes more difficult of the film was when he was tied up. The pressure of the ties in all his body and the situation overwhelmed. And Zorion Eguileor says he felt in some moments of claustrophobiaalso , being summer, being in a place so closed and with as much equipment around.

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10 There was an alternate ending

The end of ‘The Hole’ is very open and gives rise to several interpretations. The director confirmed that he recorded a alternate ending in which the girl came to the first levelbut he was taken out of the film because I wanted to leave it open to the interpretation of each viewer. With this end maybe we would have been able to see how she reacted to the Administration and if it had changed the way they act, the rules and regulations of the hole realizing that they had breached their own rules by having a girl under the age of 16 years down there.

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The final, explained

‘The Hole’ is a film that poses different reflections, leaving many questions up in the air. In addition, it has an ending very open to interpretation, so if you have seen it you probably haven’t finished to understand some of the unknowns. Us we talked to you about some of them in this article and explain what could mean the end that so much damage can be noted of head is generating. However, the story does not end here. The producer of the film, Carlos Juárez, has commented that it is in negotiations with Netflix for a future sequel or remake. Of time is still to be confirmed.