Antonio, David is in the garlic it Explodes the bomb! Bronca monumental in Survivors


April 05, 2020
(10:15 CET)

Dew Flowers has returned to have a letdown after discovering this week that Yiya remained in the contest and that from now on would be companions on the same beach. After being reunited they returned to live in a tense standoff dominated in part by the protagonist of A prince to three princesses. After this discussion of Dew Flowers ended up with another anxiety attack wanting to leave the contest. Yiya is not making it easy coexistence.

Their defenders, their own parents. Antonio David from the set, and Juan Carlos from your home staged a tense and heated discussion for defending their daughters. “The behavior of Yiya Spray was not the most suitable from the resort. She attacked you because I knew that I was going to have videos“, stated Antonio David Flores, responding to Juan Carlos, the father of Yiya, who claimed that they did not know his daughter and that “those who have lived really with she has not nominated”.

Antonio David and Yiya

“We have seen week after week how retroalimentaba of it”, stated Flowers. “Every time he speaks more and more of Mist, and not exactly in a pleasant tone, but on the contrary“. Juan Carlos referred to the program wanting to adorn the image of Dew Flowers face to the audience. According to him, to hide their evil faces. “I see what they draw, not what has not come out”, answered the father of Yiya to the accusation of the Flowers that the daughter of him down to yours.

But Juan Carlos did not stay there. When Jorge Javier Vázquez was about to fire, the father of Yiya asked for the floor to clarify a few things. “Antonio David is always saying that if my daughter has anger to yours, and here the only person that has shown that has been Antonio David, my daughter.” “Am I being too gentle with your daughter,” assured Antonio David heating up the environment.

Juan Carlos said that it would have value to tell it to your face when had face-to-face in a tv studio. “I don’t have to mess with your daughter, she is portrayed with their actions,” let go of Antonio David Flores. “Rocio is the one who has brought up in an environment like a bubble”, apostillaba the father of Yiya. This accusation aroused the wrath of Flores, who ditched his contribution: “my daughter has not been raised in a bubble, but in a house with more respect than in yours”.