Ariana Grande has defended Justin Bieber following the performance at Coachella: “don’t spoil the beautiful moments with my friends”


25 April 2019

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber we consider family and it’s already happened in the past, which intervened to give a hand to each other.

Last weekend, the singer has performed at Coachella 2019 and he has brought on stage for a cameo also the colleague and friend. After the performance, some wondered if Justin themselves singing the hit “Sorry” in lip-sync and, when it was clear that there was a strong base below, has come under the rain of criticism for having used a backing track.

The canadian has mentioned in some tweets, in which he addresses to host Morgan Stewart And! (among the main detractors of his performance), and asks her not to use her fame to laugh or to destroy others but rather to use it to spread positivity.

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At this point is intervened by Ariana Grande that said in some tweets, now deleted as a the performance of Justin Bieber has been organised at the very last, which does not happen practically never at Coachella: “We decided 10 minutes before my show began. We did zero soundcheck, zero evidence.

Then it is addressed directly to the 25-year-old: “You’ve sung with a back-track in most of the cameo. People are bored, people do not know what it means to be under so much scrutiny. The world is happy that you’re back on the stage“.

Your fans, friends and the world are thrilled to have you again. All are happy to see you smile so. Nobody will ever what it means to be you, but it’s not their job to do it. Take care of yourself, do you make music. You are loved“(Take note, so you elevate the people, instead of demolish them).

I don’t like when people try to spoil the beautiful moments with my friends“, he concluded.

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