Camila Sodi and her daughter RECOVERED from the COVID-19 I Want to start helping others!!


Camila Sodi and your daughter Fionaof 9 years of age, were positive to the tests COVID-19, as announced by the actress herself this past march 26, but finally will be given higher doses because they have fully recovered from the disease.

Camila Sodi and her daughter RECOVERED from the COVID-19 I Want to start helping others!!

Camila Sodi and her daughter, FIona, rescued from COVID-19

Through their stories Instagram, Camila Sodi he shared the good news about his recovery and his daughter, who will be discharged from the clinic on the 7th of April, after which the actress you want to be a volunteer to help others affected.

  • “Hello. I want to share some good news of the infectóloga, who gives us high on Tuesday. We become immune, which means that we can return to the embrace of our loved ones. My children can hug your dad, I can visit my mom”.

Camila Sodi 33-year-old assured that we will continue to follow the recommendations of health experts to prevent more contagions from COVID-19, including the quarantine of the federal government, that will stand up to the 29th of April.

  • “I wish you a speedy recovery and that your hearts be light-filled to face this difficult situation. To the people that gave him slight as to my and my children, I hope that you leave soon, that we help those we can, to give hope and faith”.

Camila Sodi wants to help others

Although Camila Sodi and his family are willing to follow the quarantine officer, the actress also revealed that you want to join the services of volunteers are helping affected by COVID-19 and at-risk groups.

  • “Now I can also be of service to the people, something that interests me a lot. I visit the sick, bring medicine to the grandparents of my friends, to my people, to the fathers of my friends, eventually also to the people who need help. That makes me very happy”.

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The actress ended her message by sending their best wishes to Mexico, and with words of encouragement to his followers.

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