Claudia and Alexis Valdés explained how to discuss with the couple during the quarantine period for coronavirus


The actors Claudia and Alexis Valdés still making mischief to amuse their followers during the quarantine by the coronavirusand now they decided to show them what is the best way of discussing with couple in these moments so tense.

“Is having many problems, family conflicts, because people don’t know how to discuss, don’t lose control, not that you don’t discuss but do so in a polite and cordial,” said Alexis.

“Discuss but smile”, is the advice of the funny actors, who began exchanging complaints and claims as if it were making a declaration of love.

The couple of artists said that it is “a therapy for coping with the quarantine with your partner” and not end up “throwing of the pots”, because it has no case be altered if at the end, “we can’t leave the house”.

“Practice this therapy at home,” she advised at the end of the video funny, which has brought laughter to more than 20 000 internet users.

“I can’t stop laughing”, “You are the best”, “Thanks for always making us laugh”, “Hahaha this is so cool, I’m super fan of the two”, “I loved it, I’m going right now to do the therapy with my husband hahahaha”, “The little face, so sweet of the two saying horrors! This is my type of humor lol”, commented on some of the followers and others who made a display of emoticons of laughter in all the post.

Claudia and Alexis Valdés have been sharing funny videos on Instagram to encourage their followers to take this situation with the best mood, and to encourage them to stay at home and comply with the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The pair of artists also called on his followers to Miami to join the applause mass in gratitude to all the workers that are involved in the battle against the coronavirus.

The poem Hopewritten by Alexis, he has given back to the world, bringing a beautiful message of encouragement and reflection during these difficult times, and even it has been musicalized by himself and interpreted by Claudia.