‘Digimon Adventure 2020’: And are the opening and the end credits of the new series


The door to the Digital World is open again. The early morning of 4 April, began their broadcasts in Japan the new ‘Digimon Adventure’, the anime that retrieves the Children Chosen original. Izzy, Mimi, TK, Sora and the others to return with their beloved monsters digital for to live new adventures every Sunday on japanese television.

Digimon Adventure 2020

One of the things we want more we discover of the new series is how they sound, the header and the titles of credit, because those of us who were children in the 99 we have not forgotten that “Since the world has changed, we are much more united…”. As the series has already premiered, there are the two for the Network:

The opening is very dedicated to Tai and Agumon, and has some nods very cool as the birth of the Digimon on the toy that came out, a sort of Tamagotchi where you could compete with the monsters of your friends. We also see Tai falling to the vacuum, as in the first season of the anime. Matt is the protagonist of the titles of creditwith a more melancholic and dark, like him.

We return to the Digital World

The new ‘Digimon Adventure’ places the events in the 2020s, in a world in which the Internet occupies all aspects of our life. What humans don’t know is that the Digital World is on the other side of that Network of Networks. When the technology in the real world seems to be out of control, Tai, who was preparing to leave the camp, run out to Shibuya to save his sister Kari and her mother. But at the station something happens and Tai is transferred to the Digital World. The chapters can be viewed in Europe via the web Crunchyroll in simulcast.