For Angelina Jolie, the education is important, even in the times of the coronavirus


All are, as you better believe that the emergency coronavirus. A new reality is still difficult to adjust. Sure is, that if it included these measures, which have the virus, the only survival, the social distancing. Many of the tasks are closed, including schools and universities, and also a star of the cinema white as a Angelina Jolie which was recently found to live under the same roof with all of its many famous. In an interview reported by the Daily Mail, the actress and ex-wife of Brad Pitt, who not only reflects how important it is to secure the small, and to protect them from the contagion, but adds, that prevent you from studying, not the social contacts for a long time, very dangerous. The statements refer mainly to the situation that the young Maddox experienced since is back in America to the outbreak of the pandemic in Korea, a country in which you studied.

“He is really happy, the course of studies has begun – starts the Film. The lack of his life in Seoul, this as soon as possible back to the University. Now the free time to learn Russian and to Refine, Korean, he adds. I’m afraid of this pandemic, and I am convinced that it will have a different impact in the moment everything is ready. Korea, but is doing well. Has an economy, which is very modern.”

Acknowledges that the measures restrictions right but in the long run can impact on the psyche of young people”Cut off from the school and the community of friends is difficult for everyone. My son is happy, but others are not – only sequel to Angelina Jolie. Other school risk be excluded from the world, not run, to study, and to help the interaction with others, because they might find work or are forced to, his own family”. Therefore, the actress of a glowing woman filantropa a admits that in times like these, is the training a valuable help to the needy,’opportunities be master of your own life. “It has to help this population, so that all the children can study further. I’m not happening on the cooperation with UNESCO, in order, he adds. Now, there is the importance of cooperation at the global level also during this exceptional situation”. Who knows if the appeal of Angelina Jolie is heard.