Frankie Grande: Ariana’s brother has a new boyfriend


16 April 2019

Frankie Grande is in love!

The older brother of Ariana Grande has officially made his public debut with the new boy in the Coachella 2019. He is called Hale, Leon and it is an actor or a beginner.

Happy“wrote the 36-year-old on Instagram, posting a photo with the boyfriend just by the festival, where they followed by the first row the legendary performance of Ariana.

Hale, Leon has dedicated to Frankie Grande a long and sweet messagealong with a slideshow of romantic images.

“Qthis guy here has changed my world. In a short time, I learned and had experiences that I never would have believed possible in a relationship. It has been a lighthouse in my journey through life so far and I have no doubt that God, with his impeccable timing, gave me him for a reason, really really important“.


Ariana Grande must have given the right suggestion, having recently Frankie had revealed that the sister is the first person to whom it is addressed when he is in need of a board of the heart!

ph: getty images