“Has died”. David Bustamante and the music world in shock

David Bustamante

April 05, 2020
(10:45 CET)

For David Bustamante, as for many people music lovers of author, was a reference. It launched one of the most important voices in the country. The cantabrian regrets his loss and show your sympathy, as hundreds of artists. Die Luis Eduardo Aute at 76 years of age, as confirmed by his agent on Spanish Television. For the moment have not transcended the causes of death.

Was a poet, pinto, sculptor and film director, in a nutshell, a true artist of the feet to the head. Nevertheless, he established himself as one of the songwriters with the most important of the Spanish music scene. Published 19 discs of studies, and among its themes are the most popular are “At dawn”, “Roses in the sea” and “beauty”. Throughout his career he has composed more than 500 songs. In reference to the cinema, where he also excelled, he wrote and directed the films “A dog called pain” and “Delusions of love”.

Luis Eduardo AuteIn 2016, he suffered a stroke that kept him in a coma for several months. Since then stayed away from public life. A few minutes took his followers and faces major of the world of the music or the culture that they knew and we kept a great affection to express in social media their condolences.

Has late Luis Eduardo Aute. In the midst of so many deaths, it seems strange to single out someone, but it is worth as a sample of a memory to each one, for each one, with their names and surnames. A great artist, a thinker of feeling. A hug to family and friends“said Ángel Gabilondo. “If I told my love that I fear the dawn I do not know which stars are these, which hurt like threats nor do I know that bleeds the moon the blade of his scythe. Your absence leaves us with a wound in the soul”indicated from the account of the Socialist Party.

“Good trip, Aute. You are leaving us a universe of wonderful songs… Priceless”, he lamented Fran Perea. “What sadness, we have been gone, Luis Eduardo Aute, one of the largest. I don’t even know what to say. I will take with Me forever the moments together on the stage and outside of it. They were some of the best moments of my life. DEP, dear master”, he wrote Marwan in their social networks. “AUTE, until always”, he wrote with a deep sense of regret Jordi Évole. “It has been one of the greatest authors. Luis Eduardo Aute. His lucidity was shining and pointing the way. I was lucky enough to be at her side a few times. I thank life for this opportunity. I was trying to learn from him. Your honesty, your commitment and independence. What a shame bigger. How much you will be missed. There are No words for so much pain. Rest in Peace, master”, he shared Ismael Serrano.

“It was impossible not to love you… Good travel companion… From up there, we’ll continue to inspire…” said excited Mónica Naranjo. “Has died, Luis Eduardo Aute, a teacher without equal. A singer / songwriter are exceptional and whose songs have made us enjoy countless moments. That come to rest in peace. You will be missed”, he lamented Garzón. “Thank you for everything. You crossed over here, on the way to Albanta, but it is the music…”, thanked Santiago Segura.

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