It languages dear! Danna Paola surprises with funny song in English


The character of Lucrecia in Elite it is one of the favorites of the internet users, and that is that there could see Danna Paola with a more mature, bad girl, empoweredand millionaire strawberry, however, also with a lot of class to dress, walk and talk.

The character of Lucrecia he speaks several languages in the series, but his English phrases were iconic, so that any internet user took advantage of the free time that you have been given the quarantine to do a video edit of Danna Paola and their best phrases in English, making it a fun song.

The interpreter of “Hey Paul” came across the video on Twitter, and do not hesitate to share how much they liked it, because they are the best moments of his character in the popular series of Netflix,

Check out the video for Danna Paola

And is the former of Eleazar Gómez is going through one of the best moments in his artistic career, although it has been truncated by the confinement because of Covid-19, as the interpreter had planned a tour of all of Mexico, however, the events have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for when you pass the quarantine.

So soon, the singer has remained very active in their social networking accounts, so much so that Instagram has become the first singer mexican in more than 20 million followers, made features exactly, with 21.4 million followers on this social network.

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In addition, during the quarantine, Danna Paola also tried his luck in Tik Tok, and we have seen that not only has a talent for singing and acting, but the dancing is also very good, as it has done several of the challenges of the famous application, giving a glimpse of your sensuality at the time of making the dance steps.