K-Pop: Criticize Lisa BLACKPINK for being “strict” as a choreographer


Lisa of BLACKPINK has demonstrated from the beginning of his career, one of his best skills is the dancing, so that was chosen as an instructor in the program “Youth with you,” however, have been criticized for being “strict” with the participants.

“Youth with you”it is a television program of China where they chose to 109 apprentices to teach them everything that makes an idol and choose, finally, only 9 to form a new group of K-Pop.

Although before this show was called “Idol Producer”, the organizers decided to change the name of the program because of legal issues, this still has the same essence and production.

Much has been said of the attitude of the singer, as it says that it is impossible that the participants are left to try so badly for Lisa, because after that people see the programmes that have already aired, fans have noticed that Lisa’s is so hard and without mercy.

However, she makes it clear that it would not have if not to teach them about discipline, as the goal of the show is that you get to exploit their talents and enhance their artistic skills, to be part of a new phenomenon of K-Pop.

Idols become example

This is not an easy task, as the groups of K-Pop do not form a day to another, and are selected the best talents to create new and even Lisa had been through all this before YG Entertainment choose her as one of the BLACKPINK.

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And although the criticisms have been too much for Lisa, Blink and more people defended it by saying that it is your work and only tries to show the participants of “Youth with you,” that can give more of themselves, and always better.