K-Pop: Suho of EXO receives tremendous shock of Chanyeol and His reaction says it all!

Suho of EXOsaid that he misses much to his fellow K-Pop since the release of his solo album “Self Portrait”, so that one of the members of the group called Chanyeoldecided to make a surprise visit to the singer to give you tremendous scare to pull out of a closet and even brought a gift in the hands.

Chanyeol posted this surprise for Suho in his account of Instagramwhere has most of 20.4 million followers and there he was able to appreciate the gift for his friend EXO was a beautiful bouquet of flowers to congratulate him, this emotional moment took place during the musical presentation of the idol in the Inkigayo SBS.

It turned out that the fellow Suho have not stopped aporrearlo with the promotion of “Self Portrait”, to be Chanyeol in charge of making the official visit to the singer of K-Pop, for both share a warm hug for all the achievements and laughing about the funny reaction that led to the famous south Korean (more of a scare XD).

The reaction of Suho for Chanyeol


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According to information from the Republic, other members of EXO as Sehun, Baekhyun and Kai, were spotted at the backstage of the place, so it’s more likely that you have also surprised to Suho, after having revealed that he was homesick too.

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Even in times of contingency by Coronaviruses, the idols have shown that their friendship is too strong to comply with safety standards, even more by the anniversary date of EXO getting closer with each day, being the 8th of April 2020, and the fandom EXO-L is ready to celebrate it in social networks.


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