Karol G ensures that “Tusa” has a strong message of female empowerment


The song “Tusa” has taken it to the next level of success for the colombian singer Karol G. The current star of reggaeton and the genre urban feels very happy for the hit that became “Tusa”, but also ensured that this theme has a strong message of female empowerment that very few have discovered.

In an interview with the middle 40 Mexico, the interpreter of 29 years, explained that she had never imagined that “Tusa” become so famous all around the world. However, the singer and songwriter stated that it gave him great pleasure in knowing that the people who love the song are men.

Karol G commented that there are thousands of fans men he sent videos singing his song to the whole lung and that is something that Karol gets very happy because the message of girl power that tried to send in his lyrics being heard by both men and women.

And it is that belong to the industry of urban music and be among the first places in the lists of popularity is something that very few women get it, so that Karol G has managed to be one of the women reggaetoneras successful is something that millions of fans around the world celebrate and leads to a female empowerment very impressive.

Karol G will have new music

After the big hit musical that became “Tusa”, the public is waiting for the next song debut Karol G with which they can identify. So the singer of Medellin said that it is already preparing for his next topic, although for the moment not revealed what it is or when it will be launching.

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In addition to “Tusa”, Karol G also has other songs that were popular at the time as “My Bed”, “Ocean”, “Pineapple”, among others. Also, recently premiered the tune “Follow”, simple as that conducted in collaboration with her boyfriend, the singer Anuel AA.