Kendall Jenner teaches in this picture I pump!!! without pants (and takes hours)

April 05, 2020
(14:44 CET)

Kendall Jenner you have shown the world how to spend your free time during this quarantine, and the truth is that it is very different as you probably think.

And is that the top model has been shown with a selfie in bed playing wii without pants and with a t-shirt and suspenders. An image of the most surprising.

Although not seen too enthusiastic about the american model with the video game that has between hands, what is certain is that the image has had a great return.


A publication shared Kendall (@kendalljenner) the

A boom

In half a day has planted almost four million likes, proving that the celebrity is on a peak of his career as his sister Kylie Jenner.

Something different to what happens with the other part of the family where Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are at historic lows in popularity after their quarrel in public.

It is forgotten

A video of Kendall Jenner in this quarantine going down to the street to test your last car purchased caused a wave of criticism, but it seems that he has managed to fight very well in the top model.

In fact, in just two days, everything makes indicate that it has extinguished the fire and only post pictures and histories of Instagram in your house.

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