“Less customers, long working hours, and cabins, such as operating rooms: the salons of the beauty of the future”


L and gossip “hair salon,” this little ritual is global — from Rome presentable Sergio Valente disappear on the New York-style Sex and the City by Serge Normant and John Frieda. More and more employees, much less social: the future of the salon hair style is probable. Between ricrescite and sections repeat, there is impatience for the re-opening: but it is now sure that the hairdressers are among the last to restart. And what we find it will be different than how we know it. “I’m going to be a vademecum for the future of my activity,” says Rossano Ferretti, hair stylist ambassadors in the world Coty and Wella and the protagonist of the talent-hair master. In his 22-salons around the world, you are the most beautiful women in the world, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence: today, from Dubai to New York, they’re all closed, to open in the expectation, again, but in a new way. “By the twin of the world storm was always more protected and we, after the virus, we can not really an exception”.

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Brushes and disposable kit

The future of the beauty salons will chair apart, kit, disposable brushes, wrapped up and sterilizers. “I always had a critical attitude towards the hygiene-show: every time a customer sits in the washing must place the head on a stick sterilized and this must be claimed twice for the future”. In this new scenario, there is also a more active role of the customer and other educational institutions of the hairdresser. “Already in times not suspects incoraggiavo the women, the nice of the sun to the house: I have always been convinced that the freedom of wrinkles is a form of freedom of women, and I teach my clients as a value with the Hairdryer and brush at home.” More and more interactivity, imagine a business of the future pay more content than in the past. In America, the “Washington Post” has asked “not a moment of relaxation, a source of discomfort. The people need to make decisions and ask themselves: can be made at home? It is really a necessity”?, and underlines how the loss in the beauty industry, in which the physical contact is in melee, can be of importance. “We have not quantified our — adds Ferretti but some of us consider layoffs and renegotiations of rents. Someone might not make it.”

Alternately, and opening up to 21

Those who survive, they need to revolutionize the way, starting at the time. “The shops need to find a way to be profitable, both in terms of disk space in hours: better 5 chair well-used will be treated 20 times. But above all, easy with the band’s classic 10-18 clock, you need to the hour chart, American and Japanese to adjust allows, by turns, to keep you up to 21 clock open. In this way, you can offer a service, wide and, above all, in a staggered manner: the concept of the salon full of customers, is overcome in my business as its meant to be private rooms”.

Almost 3 meters of distance

An idea of exclusivity that has not transformed only by big names such as John Nollet, the hair stylist Monica Bellucci, in a suite at the Park Hyatt Paris, in a personal sanctuary of beauty and opens. Also, the new “signatures” of the hair track the idea of less is more. The Barber milanese Alessandro Jesuit last December, she opened a loft, where the chair will have the almost three-meter distance between them. “I think it will give my clients the most inner dimension, today, I realize that it was an intuition, which is part of the future of the salons”. In Milan than in Hong Kong, the future, an adjustment to the service to the customer. In this In-between time, there are tutorials and small “attentions” not to feel, the “set” were the customers. “I was long on the side of Aldo Coppola, already twenty years ago, he sent out to the customer that they lived outside of Milan, a tweak in case of emergency: I, too, in the last few days, I email you a emergency kit with paint, brush, bowl, Cape, of course, disposable”.

Template, gel and scanner

“If you are right now, we are, says Andrea rope President of Atar 22 distributes the Skin’s Brazilian waxing and Wax and be method of Brazilian hair removal — we expect an increase in the work. Manicure, pedicure, depilation, the services, the fixed part of habits. We lead change and consider how the future, because one thing is for sure: nothing will be as before“. We are familiar with new rituals and accessories. “The customer — explain — need a Protocol that is essential for his health and the health of the employees. At the entrance to our centers of Wax and a stencil disposable wear found during the entire stay in the Institute, or to apply the gel for the hands just a scanner, to check the temperature and, if the test in real time whether they are infected released. The operators have to disinfect the cabin after each session, but also the door handles and always use gloves. Our wax is a disposable product and the applicator is not never in contact with the skin of the customer“.

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Apply a lipstick daring
The risk of massage

The details are crucial, it will be important to observe and ask questions. Require that each tools are replaced or disinfected after the treatment, make sure that the instruments used for the manicure were in an autoclave. “In little words — adds Mariabruna Zorzi of Mariabruna Beauty-Brescia — we tap on to reinvent. Everything is revised and upgraded: enter in the cabin as access to the operating room. For the re-opening, we are still in danger of infection. I think masks with visor for all treatments, and the study of the “barriers” material type plexiglas as protection, manicure and pedicure. The problem is the massage, in the cabin, one must always wear latex gloves: the palm of the hand absorbs a lot and spread the bacteria. It is less and less manual massages and treatments with machines. I thought I would be cooked to the Protocol massage thirty years, and they were active with a brush and worked with a cloth, air-conditioned, warm in winter and cool in summer, to penetrate you”.

Who wants to try the lipstick?

There is then the problem of the tester. We have to give up playful this time, in which you can try creams and lipsticks, which makes it helpful for the choice, but also the fun of it? “Need to be changed, explains Pablo Ardizzone make-up-artist — approach in the perfumery and in the store. While brushes and accessories for make-up can be disinfected, powder, gloss, lipstick, mascara, you can’t be all in range as before, it is. You need to find solutions that make that the product is safe: it is always more single-dose, pack with dispenser or airless process”. The companies are already preparing. “The post-covid-19 — says Matteo Moretti, President of polo-cosmetics, which is also defined, Cosmetic Valley, Italy — will be with us for the life to complete a scenario, acceleration, momentum, and changes are already being implemented and bring new. The focus is on both the pack, the formulas are. The first is becoming more and more Central, is the tool to protect the product against the risk of contamination or deterioration. The “non-contact”, both in skin care as well as makeup, you are probably strong, because you avoid the risk of contamination of the product. It is a the boom in the airlesstechnology uses, a pump, the mechanical, and a sealed container of a piston, so that the product never comes in contact with the air, and kept perfectly protected against oxidation and contamination on the outside”. Adds Moretti: “After a time like this, there is a growing desire, cosmetic products, to make us feel better, but the approach with the consumption of more aware of“.

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