Maleficent 2 the woman of evil, with Angelina Jolie


Review movie: Maleficent 2, not to hurt the woman, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfiffer

Walt Disney, a complete success, had, in the year 2014, takes us to the enchanted Heath-now that Aurora is the Queen of all creatures.

The upcoming wedding between her and his beautiful, Prince Philip, is the occasion of good to the evil Queen’s pursuit of a case, in the characters enchant and in the possession of the Heath.

In the cast, besides the beautiful Angelina Jolie, another Hollywood diva: Michelle Pfiffer is not marred in the role of the aggressive Queen.

If you are in the previous film, the whole story was based on the wonderful fairy tale of sleeping beauty, which was written the sequel is complete and adatttato film.

Technically, the film is a wealth of special effects, beautiful, but not in step with the times, while praise is especially worth mentioning is the fact, rhythm, perspective, ever domo with a few breaks, “storytelling”is.

The plot may seem obvious and banal, but the viewer lives, with emotions to this new original story from the last predictable. Of course the film is dedicated to an audience too young and the parents never played tenderly by a fairy tale, so not for all, perhaps because of this a lot, but not to the level of the first Chapter.

I have personally seen, a film kept, but little originality, the set production, and the performers do to draw a object, you can use the characters, but overall, this is not enough.

Maleficient is trying to highlight, Angelina Jolie, and it succeeds only partially marred by a Pfiffer really the character.

A after the not when he felt the need, and I can confirm the good implementation, but overall, a movie not very convincing. A false step, it was not to be expected from Disney, and, as usual, we include the first Chapter, that it is better. Almost sufficient.

Rating: 5

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