Matt LeBlanc told what was the most unusual that he lived for the fame of “Friends”


Matt LeBlanc, an actor who knew how to interpret for ten years, ‘Joey Tribbiani’ in the series Friends, told in a interview what it was most unusual that he had to live in the moments of greatest popularity of the program.

In an interview with the program The Kelly Clarkson ShowYou , Matt, 52-year-old, said that he was very surprised when he discovered one day that on tv there were pictures of his house when he was in there.

“I remember once I was doing zapping watching the news and, for some reason, they had a split screen on tv, with six quadrants,” he said. “Each one contained a take in direct of each of our homes, with pictures taken from a helicopter. What I was seeing and had not information or news, only showed houses“, he added.

With humor, the actor said that he decided to take advantage of that particular situation: “I looked at my house and I thought ‘I need a new roof’so when the helicopter was, grab a ladder and climbed up there.”

About what you feel when you see a chapter, said: “It’s funny because we’re all so old now. You watch tv and you think, ‘look at how young you were!’. And you can come back to this and think ‘Oh, God'”.

The return postponed

HBO Max announced something that fans of the series expressed their gratitude: will there be a special program that will bring together the cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Although it had been announced a date, it had to be postponed for a pandemic coronavirus.

On the content of that issue, LeBlanc said that it will not be a new episode but that “it’s about the six together talking of the good old times”.