Miley Cyrus does not believe it. The bomb that explodes in a live Instagram


April 05, 2020
(14:03 CET)

In these times of crisis, Miley Cyrus decided to create a space to help others. With all the gravity that brought the COVID-19, some good things could come out. On this occasion, the singer was the bridge to know what is being the revelation of the moment, the alterations in the mood of Selena Gomez now have a name of a serious illness.

From 17 march, the us began a series on his Instagram tv, which allowed him to connect with various artists. Some of the participants were: Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, Emily Osment, Ellen Degeneres, among others. Tried many interesting topics, such as health and social awareness. A great initiative that you left some confessions unexpected.

In the last episode had special guests. Although that was all the attention was Selena Gomez, who revealed: “Recently I was going through so many things and I realized that I was bipolar“. Bipolarity has many types and, although it is a disorder that affects the emotions, the way you act and the thoughts of the people, we currently have specialized treatments.

Selena Gomez

It is a shocking news for many fans. Depression is one of the severe trials with which he has had to deal with Selena since many years ago, the social pressure resulted in a depletion of psychological end.

Miley Cyrus recognizes that you copied Hilary Duff

In that conversation Cyrus and Hilary Duff, also told many secrets. The first explained that: “I went to your concert when I was 11 years old“. Followed by that, he decided to audition for the series that brought her to fame. The singer of Slide away, he says: “The only reason I wanted it (the character) was to be able to do what you did”.

And he continued by saying, “I Just wanted to copiarte no matter what”. Miley Cyrus ended the emotion with: “I would not be sitting here, being able to be a light to many if it wasn’t for you”. Was exposed a part of the u.s. that nobody knew about.