Natti Natasha does and no one sees it. The video that confirms the failure


April 05, 2020
(09:43 CET)

Natti Natasha has done any amount of video and music projects succeeding and giving shape to what would be the reggeaton female. A genre that uses women to star in videos and inspiring songs extremely explicit, not offered a lot of success with female vocalists. However, things were changing and now this kind of rhythms and lyrics spicy are also supported.

We recall that in this quarantine, Natti decided to break the rules to go out and spend a day at the beach. The fans disagreed and made it know. Despite the fact that the singer had announced with time to the work expected of her entire career, with no less than CNCO, which is projected to happen in a few hours was not achieved.

A preview was published in his instagram, with shots of the official video Honey booand, in the early hours, she could not reach the million. What was supposed to be a bomb, was obscured by the resentment of fans of the reggaetonera, those who do not forgive the having been so irresponsible. The most excited they have been the CNCOwners and little more.

Natti Natasha account your truth about music

Although this is the great business that is on social networks, making it likely that someone with talent is famous, continues to be so easy. Especially when the artists try to find a way to express themselves without leaving of side what they like. The dominican says: “It was a girl who believed in the color of my voice and in what he had to say”.

Gender urban has gained more popularity in recent years, although Natti Natasha had to go through many things to make the music that I wanted. He also claims that: “I wasn’t going to listen to any man than to say: The girls don’t sell. I mean, how many women are doing around the world! Are you going to stop that?”. Against any prognosis, this star never stopped believing in his talent and since then he is fulfilling his dream. We look forward to reconciliation with its audience.