Oh Emma Garcia broken! “The worst day of your life.” Live life in shock


April 05, 2020
(15:41 CET)

Emma Garcia has had to say goodbye temporarily, of one of your partner favorite, Irene Rosales. The woman of Kiko Rivera took the decision to leave his job after the proclamation of the state of alarm. However, it comes in live via video or telephone connections. The tertuliana recently lost her mother and would now be very worried about the health of his father, who is delicate and only at home.

Now, however, the gaze would be focused on Kiko Rivera, who is living “the worst day of your life.” The Sunday is a very important day for any citizen of seville, and the DJ is a fan of the Holy Week, their most important dates. Due to the current situation that happens all over the planet because of the COVID-19, all the processions of these dates were suppressed for the first time in history. Many people gather at these celebrations, and it is important in these times to avoid crowds.

Understand what happens in the country, but also feel disappointed because he spent something like. Kiko Rivera has lived from a young age the Holy Week very closely. His father, Paquirri, was very devoted to the Christ of the Three Falls, a passion that has been inherited by their children, Fran and Kiko. Isabel Pantoja has always dress small to Kiko Rivera penitent. Most was costalero along with his brother Francisco. Both behaved the Christ of the Three Falls, attached to the Brotherhood of Hope of Triana.

Today is not a day like any other… Today is the day for many the most beautiful day of the ? (for me yes). Today is Palm Sunday begins the week magicbut this year we cannot live for reasons that we all know. We continue to fight for all this to end soon! #quedateencasa #yomequedoencasa #kikorivera #domingoderamos”, wrote in their social networks, Kiko Rivera.