Oh Mila Ximénez explodes! “Hell and fuck”. Makes a mockery of a sick person


mila ximénez save me

April 05, 2020
(10:30 CET)

Mila Ximénez is one of the collaborating hardest to Save me. The veteran tertuliana does not have hairs on the tongue, nor time to lose. No one to shut her up. It is one of the most critical with many famous and has returned to prove, even if you are confined at home. As the rest of their classmates, she also have been awarded a section. Send three people to heaven and the other three to hell, which it deems appropriate depending on their actions.

The first you would go to hell would be Paula Echevarría for believing influencer on Instagram. Just this week he decided to take off the tracksuit to show off a nice dress. Ximenez believed that it was a publication unfortunate for the times in which we live. Think that it is not a time for frivolities, and considers that the instragramers should be helping and not doing things like that.

Mila Ximenez, Carmen Lomana

Jorge Javier Vázquez has led the contrary. He believes that “in moments like these also saves us a bit of frivolity”but she has answered that “as is my section command to the hell to whoever gives me the win” and “it is not that we agree. This is my section: Mila chooses the others to shut up.” Kiko Matamoros also stood against her. He seems fine do what you want with your social networks.

The second was the hell was Ana Maria Aldón, the character of fashion in Telecinco, for its participation in Survivors. The wife of Ortega Cano is “exaggerated.” And the third and last has been Carmen Lomana. The entrepreneur has surprised their followers with entertaining videos explaining how to pass the quarantine and giving some tips and tricks. However, Mila Ximénez not liked one which he published with reference to Fernando Simon, the director of Center of Coordination of Alerts and Health Emergenciesusing terms descalificativos and insulting. “The control of hell and the shit also“, she says very blunt Ximénez because “I can’t say more baloney for a second.”