People get offended ‘Daily quarantine’, the comedy of RTVE about the confinement


The impossibility of continuing with the production of movies and series has put some creative to give the coconut to take advantage of the quarantine by the coronavirus. RTVE recently announced that it will premiere Tuesday April 7, a series inspired by the pandemic coronavirus and confinement: ‘Daily quarantine’.

Daily quarantine

The series is a sitcom starring Carlos Bardem, Gorka Otxoa, Carlos Areces, José Luis García Pérez, Adrià Collado, Fernando Colomo, Víctor Clavijo, Cristina Alarcón, Fele Martínez, Montse Pla, Monica Regueiro, Carmen Arrufat, Petra Martínez, Juan Margallo and Cecilia Gessa, that moves in the key of comedy situations that may be occurring in this situation so strange that we live in. It is an original idea by Alvaro Longoria directed and written by Álvaro Fernández Armero and David Marquis.

But what perhaps is not the oven for rolls? Since the chain posted on Twitter a preview of the series, there have been many that have responded, indignant that a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives in our country is no laughing matter.

The series will debut at 1 on Tuesday, April 7 at 22:05. From there we will be able to discover if this series, recorded by actors and actresses in their homes, deserves the criticism it is receiving before its release.

The comedy that prepared the creators of ‘The Office’

The case is that the idea of making a comedy with the quarantine has not gone out only in Spain. In the united States, the executive producers of ‘The Office’, Paul Lieberstein and Ben Silverman are working on a comedy series about the confinement, centered-in-chief who forces his employees to work throughout the day with the video call on. “Many of us have daily meetings in Zoom, work, and beyond. It is a new routine in which we try to find ways to stay connected and productive at work and at home. With the brilliant Paul Lieberstein to the front, I think we have a series that not only bring humor and comfort in these difficult times but will also be a comedy about the workplace inventive and long-lasting in the years that follow”he explained to Ben Silverman about the series to Slash Film.