The coronavirus becomes the autumn months in the high season of the blockbusters in cinemas


Since the crisis began the COVID-19 there are many who say that we will not be the same society when all of this ends and we can go home and do our normal life. What is clear that he will not be the same as is the film industry. We will have to wait to see how much damage (which will be a lot) will leave the coronavirus. In regards to the box office of the cinema, practically given up for lost the summer season.

Black Widow

This is all leading up to the majors to bring back the season of blockbusters to the months of autumn and early winter. Something we see in a tweet from Erick Davis, Fandango, main web ticket sales in the united States. Almost from September we will not go out of the cinemas because every week there are one or several major releases planned until the end of the year.

In September we have titles such as ‘A quiet 2’, ‘Monster Hunter’, ‘Expediente Warren: Bound by the demon’ or ‘Candyman’. Both terror seems to be a pre-Halloween fest. In October arrive ‘Death on the Nile’, ‘The French Dispatch’ of Wes Anderson, the remake of ‘The curse of witches’ or ‘Halloween Kills’.

But the real party starts in November with ‘Black Widow’ to start the season of blockbusters, followed by ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, ‘No time to die’ and ‘Line and the Last Dragon’. In December we will have ‘Free Guy’, ‘Dune’, ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, for example.

What will happen with the awards season?

The Academy still has not ruled on what will happen with the Oscar next yearwith so many film festivals, postponed or cancelled, and a season of film awards, possibly drowned out with so much over-production. Coming uncertain times, without a doubt. But all indications are that the last months of the year, we’re going to be able to indemnify us (and well) throughout the film that we are not treading on by the quarantine.