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In the middle of a crisis that already has held at home to a good part of humanity, the pajama takes on a new prominence. Any decalogue on what to do and what not to do while working from home includes it in his first points: “you don’t work in pajamas”, a mantra becomes a sentence that associates it with procrastination and laziness. In reality, it is a garment that takes claiming its value from a few years ago. Because the worlds of Morpheus never have escaped to the embrace of the industry. And least now.

According To Edited, the global supply of this garment grew in 2017 18.8%, more than the category sports. The company’s data estimated that the sector is already slashing the 35,000 million dollars. “We live in a society accelerated and more and more people discover the importance of relax in house”, had this magazine from Desmond & Dempsey before he decreed the quarantine. The reflection acquires a new significance when the vast majority only asks us to stay home. Why not do it with a lot of comfort and style?


Asceo, which already has over 100 points of sale in the world, bet for pieces sophisticated and timeless. Photo: dr


“Ours is a firm that was born out of the insatiable desire of knowing the world and of the need to do so with style and comfort”, explained Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Leaks, creators of Asceno. They met at the university and in 2013 they came up with to try your luck with this pleasant garment that make, either for inside or outside the home. The idea was not revolutionary (already in the twenties, Coco Chanel walking in pajamas for the French coast), but yes your resolution: traditional patterns, clothing impeccable and colors suggestive. Does the inspiration? Their adventures around the world and the look easy and captivating of the nineties, with the dresses lenceros from Kate Moss to the head.

The pajamas, a garment that refrains with more poise than others to the cycle of trends, it lends itself to greater investment. Especially when it comes to models made for the long term. Perhaps this is why Cate Blanchett, Rita Ora, Kate Hudson or Clémence Poésy are fond of this house that today sells in over 20 countries. “It’s one of the advantages of launching a new brand in the Internet era”, everything goes faster. It has come to the temples of luxury digital as Net-a-Porter, Mytheresa, or The Modist, the largest online platform dedicated to fashion modest high-end, which has been found in the trend ‘pijamera’ a gold mine for your client.

Desmond & Dempsey

The stamping is the king of the pajamas of Desmond & Dempsey. Photo: dr

Desmond & Dempsey

“We grew up in spikes opposite of the world: she in Australia, me in England; we met in Canada. But Molly had to leave to finish their studies and I, back to work in London,” recalls Joel Jeffery, co-founder of Desmond & Dempsey next to his now-wife, Molly Goddard (same name, but nothing to do with the designer responsible for bringing back the tulle). “Then we were left with on Sunday from Skype, until I convinced her to moved. When did we enjoy the holiday at home, but my wife liked it even more if I was wearing my shirts to breakfast in bed. It was very sexy and she was aware. What is not captivated me as much was the bill for the dry cleaning, so that we propose to make a model,” recalls Jeffery. “So we created the signature: adjusting my shirts to the feminine silhouette and reimaginándolas to the bedroom.” What does the name? The surnames of unmarried mothers. His strong point are the prints: the design, hand-drawing inspiration from travel that Goddard collected in books. “We have different characters, so we split easily tasks”, account.

“The pajamas is comfort, to help you relax. I think that their rise is part of a trend much wider and of a change in the global discourse on femininity: the cumbersome stilettos have been replaced by sports and the pajamas have taken the place of the tight-fitting garments. Now the elegance has to do with feeling comfortable in your own skin”. Their aim? “People enjoy their Sundays. Throughout history it has been the day of the week with a special context, a day for the soul. But we fear that the spirit is lost among the rush. For this reason, we composed our pajamas: to encourage people to stay at home”. An ephemeral pleasure that it can now be spread throughout the week.

Olivia von Halle

“The trend of taking off the pajamas of the bed has returned, and with success,” argues Olivia von Halle. Photo: dr

Olivia Von Halle

“There is a hue very hedonistic in pamper yourself and get dressed with garments affluent, simply to stay at home”, you think Olivia von Hallewhich , in your signature of the same name offers pyjamas of silk or tracksuits cashmere. “It’s funny, but before I started with the brand in 2011 no one was making pajamas beautiful luxury, and that it is a piece that, literally, has all of the world.” She had the eye trained to identify opportunities: working predicting trends for firms such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci. “I lived in Shanghai, and my tailor, who was able to replicate the last dress of Lanvin, I made an amazing set of shirt and pants of silk”. Von Halle began to take when receiving visits, “with heels and jewels”, until all of your guests fell prostrate to the original style. “When I returned to my designer what I did with a list of errands as long as my arm. I said I didn’t have time, that I had other customers”. The decision was taken: it was his push to take.

Before anyone into pajamas luxury.

“When I started, I had a very clear objective: to make my name to be synonymous with the best pajamas in the world.” A road that has also had its share of nightmare: “From issues of liquidity to copies, problems with the logistics, the storage… I Feel that we have not freed ourselves of anything, but everything has been a motivating challenge”. Today his creations are sold around the world, with its headquarters in London, employs 14 people and has physical store in the british capital (in the aristocratic Sloane Square). The city is also his main source of inspiration: “I Am lucky, and I don’t have to go far. I live surrounded by interesting people and inspiring”.

Morpho + Luna

“Every day there are more people working from home. Demand parts comfortable, but stylish and modern”, they think the creators of Morpho + Luna. Photo: dr

Morpho + Luna

The point of departure of Cécile Gavazzi and Carola Voli, creators of Morpho + Luna, is the raw material. “We fell in love with a fabric and, from there, we create the collection. Creativity is subtle”. What they carry within: the family of Voli inherited Reda 1865, the century-old company wool sustainable in the north of Italy that is delivered to the company. “It brings merino wool from New Zealand for peinarla and spinning off in Italy, using techniques of craftsmen”. The traceability of their fabrics is one of his obsessions. “We want to ensure a product that is fair and responsible in all phases of its production process. For this reason, we only work with manufacturers that are fully transparent in their supply chain.”

We demand more quality than quantity.

Today’s consumer is educated and appreciates the benefits of the movement slow that argues for an ethical consumption: “Every time there is demand for quality versus quantity; today the customer is willing to pay for parts that are going to be more time in your closet”. A value-added that contributes to the label made in Italy, as well as their original prints. “For the past four seasons with the artist Tom Gallant is designing a line of limited edition”. What the outcome of all of this? Garments are exquisite, functional, and versatile interspersed with details of male and female.