The letter of farewell and gratitude for Mark Hamill fans of ‘Star Wars’ translated into Spanish


Last December, Lucasfilm gave to a close a story that began a little over 40 years. ‘Star Wars’ and closed his saga Skywalker with the reviewed and debated Episode IX: ‘The ascent of Skywalker’. And to commemorate this end, it has launched the sale a special pack with all the series in physical format, it will be full of extras for more in-depth “making-of” this adventure galactic that began with ‘A new hope’.

Luke Skywalker

Plus 9 Blu-Ray or DVD with the films will come other 9 discs with extras, and a letter addressed to the fans of the series, written by Mark Hamill. As the pack is already available in the united States, the actor who incarnated Luke Skywalker has shared in their networks, the letter in question, which I translate below.

“What a journey more extraordinary has been.

Back in 1976, when Carrie, Harrison and I were doing the testing for our roles of what was then called ‘The adventures of Luke Starkiller, as told in the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: the Star Wars’, it was impossible to have met the incredibly rich and imaginative adventures that this small dark movie space was going to launch, inspiring eight more chapters to tell the story of Skywalker to the full. For some of you, this journey began with us for more than 40 years, welcoming ‘Star Wars’ to your lives from the seats of a dozen cinemas in the first days of release. For others, perhaps you have joined at some point along the way, from the agonizing saga of the decline of young Anakin to the dark side in the trilogy of prequels or from the introduction of a generation of entirely new heroes in the trilogy of sequels.

As said Carrie once, ‘Star Wars’ is about the family, and that is what we have become, all of us, a huge community that shares the common experience of these stories and the core values that have been instilled in us. Gives equal to that you’re a newcomer to the galaxy of ‘Star Wars’ or a F. U. P. (fan, ultra-passionate), I am deeply grateful for your continued enthusiasm and dedication to the galaxy far, far away George Lucas, that will continue to grow with new writers that will construct a galaxy even bigger filled with heroes, villains, action, romance and, of course, the Force.

That the Force be with you… always.

Mark Hamill”

Pack Saga Skywalker

Saga Skywalker to the full

While we wait for this new generation of narrators that extend the saga, we mark on the calendar on April 9, the day that will ‘The ascent of Skywalker’ in digital format, and the 22 of April, date in which will be on sale in both the Episode IX in

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