The photo of Sara Carbonero in quarantine (and the beach) that leaves us with the mouth open!


Sara Carbonero

April 05, 2020
(11:35 CET)

Sara Carbonero it has been an example in recent months of a woman who wants to life. Your health and the health of your partner Iker Casillas have been in question in recent times, but she has managed to come out ahead.

In fact, the presenter of the Spanish has become an example of struggle and his messages on the social networks have helped a lot of people to fight against their diseases.

Therefore, in these times of quarantine a lot of people look Sara Carbonero in search of hope and its images seems to help.

This weekend has left a recent photo of yours that appears on the beach and it looks great, untrammeled, something that in times of coronavirus, where she and Iker Casillas are of risk has led to the relief of their fans.

A reflection of the society

The message, although it is a fan page, reflects much of what he says that picture without the words: “feel like normal life…”. And is that this image expresses a lot of of our wants these days, like going to the beach.

Sara Carbonero you are trying to pass these days of quarantine as smoothly as possible for all of your home and that is why you are doing recipes for cooking with your little ones.

sara carbonero

In the last few days we have been able to see, making cookies and other recipes with her sons Martin and Luke.

In addition, we’ve also seen cut the hair out of the way more beast to a Iker Casillas that’s not going to have to go to the barber in a long time.