Vadhir Derbez How Back with ex girlfriend?


The quarantine that happens the entire world is currently a reason for people to boring to seek to do, such as record Tik Tok’s, read books, or to return with their ex-partners, and Vadhir Derbez you know that very well.

Therefore the son of Eugenio Derbez never ceases to amaze us with their Tik Toks, and in the most recent talks of returning with your ex, in jest of course, because he recorded a video in which “the coronavirus he wants to attack” but says that since he got back with his ex and that nothing more can be done to suffer.

Tik Tok it is one of the platforms of fashion currently, and there are all kinds of people, from the young influencers, until the ladies as Erika Buenfil, who have seen in this platform an opportunity to be closer to their fans.

In fact, the actor from “As if for the first time” used a lot this social network, and always upload a video to distract their fans, as the most recent, where he spoke of the Covid-19.

Watch video de Vadhir Derbez

The-winning actor Who is The Mask? it has become very popular in social networks, because in Tik Tok has more than 3 million followers in this social network, who are always on the lookout for their occurrences, in fact your recent video already has more than 200 thousand likes by her followers.

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And it is that, while it is present confinement, it was obvious that many of the celebrities would have to search for how to kill time, to keep generating content, and give a positive message to people to stay at home, in order to stop as quickly as possible the spread of the Coronavirus, so that Vadhir Derbez has also been left at home.