What we know of the fifth season of ‘House of Paper’


Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article contains spoilers for the end of the fourth season of ‘house of paper’

‘The house of paper’ premiered on April 3, his fourth season on Netflix, to the delight of those that we have already been a few weeks without being able to leave the house by the pandemic coronavirus. Precisely because of the quarantine, a few will have devoured all eight chapters and will have been thinking, what happens with the fifth season?

The house of paper

This is what we know about a supposed fifth part of the series of Álex Pina: Netflix has not confirmed officially, although already some months ago our co-FormulaTV reported that yes there would be fifth season and that Álvaro Morte, at least, would return as the Teacher. Now we just need Netflix to announce to uncork the champagne (or a certain brand of beer).

In addition, those of you who have finished the fourth season will have come to the conclusion that the series can not be so, mainly because the beat the Bank of Spain has not concluded. There are still Tokyo, Rio, Helsinki, Denver, Palermo, Manila, Stockholm and Bogota, in addition to Lisbonstill the melting of gold from the vault. The release of Gandía has delayed the whole plan and end up with one of the most charismatic of the band, Nairobi, in one of the most heartbreaking of the series in Vancouver. Follow the hands to the work if you want to get out of there alive and with the gold.

But the real problem what has the Professor, who didn’t have much time to celebrate the release of Lisbon and its arrival with success in the Bank of Spain. Alicia Sierra, the wonderful character of Najwa Nimri, now free after almost to have become the scapegoat of the police, has found his hiding place. With a “Checkmate, you bastard”was closed for a fourth season that, of course, has to continue. The exinspectora Sierra has become, after the departure of the character of Alba Flores, probably in the character more charismatic of the series, and that thread will be very interesting to pull. What intention you have? Do you try to save your reputation handed to the Teacher or is it so crazy to ally with the Resistance after having been betrayed? Do you give birth in the middle of the season? Will there be any mole more loose inside the Bank? How is it possible that you still have not buggered off to Arturito for the main door? Too many questions still unanswered.

When does it premiere?

The series has been number one on the reproductions on Netflix almost all of the first weekend, and although it is expensive, for the streaming platform continues to be one of their greatest international phenomena, so that they are not going to let escape. If they follow the pattern of many of their series, you may renew it for two seasons in a row and roll at the same time (as they did with Parts 3 and 4), although, it might be lengthen too much the plot. What is also virtually certain that not we’ll see this yearmainly by the pandemic coronavirus that has all productions stops. You have to be patient, perhaps for the first half of 2021 to be as expected.