Alexa Dellanos cover face with a mask but lets see it from there!


Although it may seem a lie Billie Eilish and Alexa Dellanos put the mask of fashion some time ago, but with purposes quite different to their current use. Today Alexa following the line of extravagance that characterized it has since a mask decoratedalthough the whole view of the world focuses in another place.

Is confined at home and something down because many of his works have been cancelledshe herself recognizes that its economy is going to resent it but now the important thing is the health, it is surprising to realize that Alexa practiced empathy.

His mother, Myrka Dellanoson the contrary, still working on the Telemundo network by presenting the programme ‘A new day’, and according to the journalist, your daughter is very worriedthe chances of contracting the disease are high. His companion in the set, Adamari Lopezstays at home begin to show symptoms that so far have not given positive.

Alexa acknowledges that she has told her mother on several occasions that put on a mask and go to work with her, the couple Alexa-the used as a complement to the dress and have them in all colors and with all kinds of ornaments.

For her mother to decide to use them, Alexa has made a photograph in which combines the color of the mask with the clothing you have chosen, although good insurance the sight of all their followers will focus on the size of the influencer and not the cloth that covers his mouth.

After all the surgeries that she has been through Myrka Dellanosinstead of seem to be the mother of Alexa, it seems more likely his sister. If you covered the mouth, it would be difficult to distinguish from one another, the only way to do this would be looking at them from the waist down.