Actor of the Hunger Games scares fans by strange theories about COVID-19


Woody Harrelson, known for his role as Haymitch Abernathy in The Hunger Games, shocked some of her fans blame the network 5G of the current pandemia of COVID-19in what has become one of the conspiracy theories most popular at the time.

Actor of the Hunger Games scares fans by strange theories about COVID-19

Woody Harrelson shares strange theories about the COVID-19

In his official account of Instagramthe actor The Hunger Games shared two posts – now deleted – about how the network 5G it is the one responsible for spreading the COVID-19, a theory that also blames the countries of Asia of such an event.

First shared an article, supposedly written by a professor of the University of Washington entitled: “the role of the network to 5G in the spread of the COVID-19”; subsequently published a video where a group of men knocked down a light pole with the text: “Meanwhile, the chinese knocked down their antennas 5G”.

According to the actor of the Hunger Games, the video is of people in Wuhan, China – where the pandemic began – by throwing down a antenna phone by the COVID-19, but in reality they are images of a manifestation of 2019 in Hong Kong.

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Woody Harrelson eliminated both publications of its official account of Instagram, but before you received a lot of criticism that those fans who are not afraid of a share-called conspiracy theories by the COVID-19, many without checking.

The crazy theories of the COVID-19

The actor of The Hunger Games is not the only personality in Hollywood fall into one of these “crazy” theories about the origin of the COVID-19.

In addition to Woody Harrelson, the actor John Cusack has also blamed the network 5G “very, very bad for the health of the people” in his official Twitter account.

The network 5G, was put into operation in February of 2020, in South Korea, since then, it has become in the cellular network used most in the world, but since some days ago it emerged the theory that emits a radiation that is spreading the so-called COVID-19.