Adele is divorced in secret and no one knew it until now


Adele is divorced in secret and no one knew it until now. Despite his great vocal talent, apparently, in matters of love is not doing anything right.

As it turns out, and highlights that while all of us find ourselves immersed in the wave of positive and negative information that brings the pandemic of coronavirus, the who opted for divorce, which was the successful singer English.

So, while you all walk distracted she saw the opportunity to end your marriage without making such a fuss, so as to avoid persecution of the media.

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Adele is divorced

Photo: Agencies

However, and despite all their efforts, this Tuesday it was revealed that the interpreter “Hello” he said “bye bye” to her then-husband. Everything indicates that the decision was due to that as I said the good José José: “love ends”…

You say, “there is that this is not new news”, yes, you are right, because they had been separated from her husband Simon Konecki in April of last year.

However, it has now been confirmed that the couple finally signed the divorce that the star requested in September of last year.

Oh Adele is divorced!

Adele is divorced

Photo: Agencies

According to the Sun newspaper, the singer asked a judge in Los Angeles that your divorce agreement is not made public.

For such is unknown to the settlement who came to Adele with the father of her son Angelo. S

“Both are committed to maintaining the details are more private as possible for the sake of your child. They are trying to solve their problems,” revealed the source.

Because of that legal agreement, financial information, sales or any other will be kept a secret.

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