After 10 years of becoming viral, so looks today the “girlfriend psychopath” of the MEME


The Girlfriend Psychopath or in English Overly Attached Girlfriend, who became famous in social networks due to its particular character shown in Internet, which had its first appearance in a video published by user Laina on 2012.

The story behind the video and its completion was originally for a contest Justin Bieber in which the fans of the canadian were challenged to create a female counterpart to the famous song Boyfriend.

In the videothe woman was parodying certain elements of the famous song, appearing with a smile fixed as she sang about control your boyfriend.

The history of the girlfriend psychopath

The visual received different reactions and comments in 9gag and Reddit, where sharing large amounts of memes the girlfriend psychopatheven came to give interviews because of its popularity.

After some years, the famous he decided to open his channel Youtube where shared diverse content, including, comedy. But they soon said goodbye and closed your account.

Today as well looks:

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