After the fight between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, how is the relationship between them?


After the transmission of the first two episodes of season 18 Keeping Up With the Kardashianswhere Kim and Kourtney staged a fight, in which blows were present, fans of the family have wanted to know how is the relationship between the sisters, who had never resorted to violence to solve their problems. After that the eldest of the Kardashian announced her departure from the reality tv family, many wonder if, as well as decided to finish pit with your participation in the program, also what would the relationship with her sister, Kim.



As in all families, as revealed recently, the wife of Kanye West, fortunately, have been able to solve their problems with Kourt: “Kourtney and I, we’re obviously fine now, but we have suspended production for a week after that”told him to Jimmy Fallon. Although Kourtney has made no reference to the problem with Kim, in published, the eldest of the sisters has had several gestures in their social networks that let you see that they are more united than ever.


The last nod that Kourt had with her sister, Kim, was a few hours ago when he shared in one of his stories, the promotional documentary The justice projectstarring the wife of Kanye West. In addition, a few days ago, he posted several snapshots of her trip to Armenia, which was at the side of Kim and their children: “While we stayed home, we now share another part of the world with my photos and stories of our trip to Armenia, honoring our roots”wrote the socialite, directing this publication to your site of life-style Poosh.

Although the fight came to light a few days ago, these espisodios were recorded a few months ago, so that the sisters already had time to resolve this conflict, in fact, after the riot, Kim and Kournet traveled together to Paris (early march) to attend the Fashion Week. We saw so únidas that even caused a sensation with her outfits Balenciagain addition to participating in a religious service that was attended in that city.


For several seasons, Kourtney had expressed his desire to reduce his appearances in the reality show family, therefore argumetaba that he wanted to focus on the care of their children. This topic led to several conflicts between her and her sisters Kim and Khloéas I felt that given the lack of desire of Kourt record, they had to extend their hours of recordings. After months of tension, the sisters exploded and the discussion went out of control, but now things are much more calm.