Alexa Dellanos shares photo of how to pass the quarantine


Currently, all of the world is located in quarantine and for celebrities is no different, Alexa Dellanos shared by means of a snapshot how is that spent his days in quarantine.

Known for having a succulent figure Dellanos from the moment that you share any photograph immediately becomes trend.

His two million followers (which are increasing) prove that no matter the type of publication that you make, always looks impeccable.

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It is normal for her fans to see her show off costumes quite attractive, short dresses or tight outfits of dream bathroom, and above all an enviable figure is what most characterizes it.

However on this occasion it was not that he called the attention for his figure in itself, but rather by their pet, with whom he shared the photo, it seems that their days in quarantine was spent in the company of your puppy of breed Bullgod English.

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This puppy draws attention because it is color grey with white and has some eyes azuless precious of which were the ones that were hypnotized the model in terms of what he saw.

“A friend of quarantine”, the description of their publication.

Fortunately you’re not alone as many celebrities who have to spend these days locked and without having with who to talk in a direct way, although it is obvious that the puppy does not speak, but the company is what counts.

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Alexa is the daughter of the conductive Myrka Dellanosthat looks more like his sister since the beauty of both is unparalleled and it is truly amazing to see them together, recently shared that he was concerned about the health of his mother since continued to work in front of the cameras.

Both she and the other celebrities and the whole world want this pandemic end as soon as possible, this will be achieved with the support of all citizens by staying at home and protegiendose to not get it.

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