Angelina Jolie, the prevention of cancer and scars: “I have more opportunities, be alive”


Angelina Jolie on the prevention against cancer: ‘I Feel that it increases my chances to be here’, explains the actress, spoke about the possibilities of medical and not only omissions regarding.





Angelina Jolie know what it means prevention against cancerand in an essay for Time magazine, the drastic measures of prevention, adopted by yourself to a existence of serena along with the children speaks.

As reported by even ET Tonight, the mother, the grandmother and the aunt of Angelina Jolie all the death due to a tumor. Therefore, the actress has decided to have a double mastectomy in 2013 and a subsequent intervention to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes, after they had carried out an audit found that 87 percent risk of breast cancer and 50% for ovarian cancer.

“I am often asked how my decisions in the medical, and to have my, and made it publicly available, have affected me. But I just made choices that would have allowed me to increase the chance to see my children grow, and one day meet my grandchildren,” says the actress. “My hope is that you have several years of potential in my life, and it is for you,” he says, mindful of the experiences in the first person after the death of the mother.

A beautiful Angelina Jolie the Golden Globes

A beautiful Angelina Jolie the Golden Globes

“Now I have more than ten years lived without a mother, Marcheline Bertrand, in 2007 at the age of 56, she lost the fight against breast cancer and ovarian cancer). You only knew some of his grandchildren, and it was often too sick to play with them. (…) My mother struggled with the disease for ten years, and he barely made it to the 50. My grandmother died, she had a little more than 40 years. I hope that my decisions for me which live a little longer”.

And in order to overcome the question of scars-physical, interventions, Angelina has only one answer: “I Believe that our scars we have remind us what we could. They are part of what makes us unique. The diversity is one of the most beautiful things in the human existence”.

But more than any other thing, the Jolie reminds us that taking care of yourself and of others must not only in the medical field, but also on the people that try, the safety and the dignity of every woman, the affected by serious diseases, or even just the loot, the the stress.