ANIME: 22 years Ago premiered the series of Sakura Card Captor


The anime of Sakura Card Captor he premiered his first chapter a April 7, 1998, based on the popular series of sleeve by the CLAMPyou , who are a quartet of mangakas made up by Satsuki Igarashi, Hiramatsu Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi and Mokona; after 22 years of his debut in the television is considered a japanese classic.

The series tells the story of Sakura Kinomotoa girl of ten years who by accident releases the “Letters Clow” a magical book guarded by Kerberos, better known as “Kero”, who tells him that he must take the responsibility of becoming the new “Card Captor”, so as to collect all the cards and prevent a terrible catastrophe.

Although it has been over two decades since its premiere, the series of Sakura Card Captor was a continuation of his manga in 2016, along with an anime under the heading, “Clear Card”, which revived his community of fans in an exquisite work of animation by the same studio Madhouse.

The birthday of Sakura

A curious fact is that the CLAMP confirmed that the date of cumplaños of the small Sakura Kinomoto is April 1, a date that he shares with other characters created by the mangakas as Kimihiro Watanuki (xxxHOLIC), Seishiro Sakurazuka (Tokyo Babylon), the princess Sakura and Syaoran Li (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle).

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Other series of anime that are considered a japanese classic is Digimon and in 2020, he premiered a remake of his first season under the title of Digimon Adventure by 2020; so there is no doubt that the fandom of these work is stronger than ever, demonstrating that many people fondly remember growing up with these animated series.