ANIME: “Oregairu 3” SUSPENDS its premiere, Coronavirus outbreak

The series of Watari Watari called “Oregairu” published a statement on its Twitter account, on the decision of delay the date for the premiere of the third season of the animesince the recent outbreak new cases of Coronavirus in Japan it is an emergency that has caused the temporary closure of several companies and they decided to abide by the rules of the government.

Although there is a new confirmed date for the anime “Oregairu”in its place it was decided to broadcast the second season on television from April 9, 2020 (the date that was intended for the third part), this on a night schedule and by the middle of the streaming platform official Amazon Prime Video.

The series of Oregairu, also known as “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” was produced by Sentai Filmworks, who obtained the license for a launch on Prime Video, which caused the anime to have success outside of Asia and also waiting for the confirmed date for the release of their content in DVD format and Blu-ray.

More than Oregairu

The full name of the series created by Watari Watary and illustrated by Ponkan8, is “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Eat wa Machigatteiru”, their first two seasons of the anime had a total of 13 chapters, each being transmitted on several channels of television japanese as CBS and other streaming sites as HIDIVE.

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The story narrates the life of a student loner named Hachiman Hikigaya, who does not stop complaining about the life he is forced to join the “Club of volunteer service” for his master. There he discovers that the girl’s most dedicated and beautiful of the school, “Yukino Yukinoshita” is also in the club, and shares similarities with the personality of the protagonist.

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