ANOTHER MORE Cristiano Ronaldo – also rapo the hair in the quarantine (+VIDEO)


Cristiano Ronaldo decided to change the look and get a new hair cut that I leave more than one surprised.

The renowned player of Portuguese origin Cristiano Ronaldohe joined the long list of celebrities who have taken advantage of the quarantine preventive by the COVID-19, to be renewed in your image and look completely different.

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In charge of the dramatic change of look of the footballer, was at the hands of their romantic partner, Georgina Rodriguez who shave absolutely the head. This decision of Cristiano Ronaldo must be one of the several challenges that have emerged in the social networks to help to stay at home.

At the foot of the post, Christian wrote: “Stay home and stay elegant.”

It should be noted that, a Christian, remains isolated in Portugal with his family for the strong outbreak of coronavirus in the world, especially Italy, the place in which it resides.

Writing “GossipVzla”.