Anuel AA remember the harsh words you were told on the day that you were arrested


Life takes many turns, and if you don’t tell that to Anuel AA. The reguetonero has a step of a criminal who has never hidden, and in 2016, was arrested for unlawful possession of weapons. However, two years after he got out of jail and on the same day he released his album Real to the death, which lifted him up to the top of the category (urban, making it one of the most popular artists and high-profile.

Since then, it has been clawing its way up to become one of the artists most acclaimed in the panorama musical latino. Songs like China, She wants to drink or Secret you have given an international profile and has collaborated with artists of the stature of Shakira and Daddy Yankee.

But despite having left in the past, that dark episode of your life and that the success that has been harvested has eclipsed the image of the artist’s controversial that he projected with his letters at that time, the puerto rican does not forget its origins and where it comes from. That is why he has launched a song to tell the world your story, with its ups and downs, and telling how he came to international success.

The song is called April 3,, the date on which arrested him in 2016 for unlawful possessionand it also counts as was his arrest. And in the social networks has sought to highlight the words that you said when you put the wives in that time and as such harsh phrases helped him to not give up later.

“They arrested me when they put me in the handcuffs I said, ‘Are you finished the race’ and they began to laugh at me. The hated all my life up until now, because thanks to that humiliation I force myself to not go back to fail more never in life,” recalled the puerto rican 27 years on this hard episode of your life on Instagram alongside a video in which the sounds of song.

Before this confession, there are many fans of the ‘bebesito’ those who have expressed the pride they feel, and you have been applauded for having gotten where it is.

While puerto rico continues to market their latest music releases in their profiles of social networks, the theme April 3, not to add views on Youtube, where the simple has more than 10 million views since its premiere.

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