Ariana Grande and her sensual LIPS fall in love on Instagram (VIDEO)


Ariana Grande becomes the sensation of Instagram the to post a charming video to its more than 179 million followers, since the singer decided to share their best angles with a filter of butterflies (which seems to be their favorite in Snapchat) and your look with the curly hair continues to be the feeling for your fans.

In the video, the singer “7 Rings” he emphasized his sensual lips with a bright color, played a little bit with their hair and received a lot of comments that praised her beauty to his 26 years of age, as she is known to be active in social networks to share your taste in fashion.

In these times of quarantine by Coronaviruses, the famous has had to cancel several of their musical events, therefore it is best to stay sheltered in his house and this caused that Ariana Grande had some difficulties with his iconic hairstyle, giving you the opportunity of a complete change of look.

Ariana Grande on Instagram

In the publication, the fans believe that the american singer took the selfie from your kitchen, considering his taste for the filters of butterflies, it is not surprising that few minutes of having posted a new content on Instagram, this will exceed the billion I like it for its most faithful followers.

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A few days ago, Ariana Grande met with their peers from the set of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” despite the quarantine by Coronavirus, a work where he played a role of minor character, but it opened a lot of doors in the world of the show and many of her fans still remember her adorable fashion sense.