Ariana Grande natural: here she is curly brunette on social


The first to support her mother Joan, who is complimented with her via Twitter, but that’s not the only one. Many have in fact recommended to leave them this way from now on. The health emergency will be a good opportunity to say goodbye forever to the extension and the tail of the horse?

“MY HAIR WAS DESTROYED” – Some time ago, Ariana had explained to be resorted to this “trick” after that her hair had been ruined. At the beginning of his career, when starred in the sit-com “Victorious,” his character had a fiery red-haired and this has created several problems.

“I have abused my hair. I had to scolorirmi the hair and colour them red every two weeks for the first four years in which I played the Cat. As you can imagine this has completely destroyed my hair”, he had explained the pop star. “Now, by the time my hair is brown and I wear extensions with a ponytail. Use some makeup because my real hair are so broken that they have to look good”.

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