As well kept Kim Kardashian’s botox for your face in quarantine


  • The make-up artist of Kim K. says that it does not use botox.
  • Uses a toxin 100% vegetable.

    While the rest of the planet, for our particular confinements, we worry about things like buying in supermarkets, who are simply, that all around us are healthy, or how to do the juggling to telework with children gritándote in the ears, the clan Kardashian (who, by all it is known that they live in their own micro cosmos) has a concern: what do we do with the botox in quarantine?

    Classrooms are closed, prohibition to go out to the street if it is not strictly necessary (and so, sorry Kimbut botox is not food), and the experts can not go home to help with this drama… But the panic is not there in the home of the Kardashian’s, because we learned through an interview with Mario Dedivanovic for Daily Day Kim, not using botox.

    And although we have to allow to doubt a little bit about this, we continue with the data: use a toxin 100% vegetable. “Kim doesn’t use botox because it is a neurotoxin. Used Biotulina, a toxin 100% vegetable.” There’s the key: BIOTULINA,.

    The biotulina is nothing more than a gel botox organic that reduces facial wrinkles in just one hour. And yes, you read that right. The biotulina is completely vegetable. Is formulated based espilantol, which contains a local anesthetic plant. Is your effect that reduces the small muscle contractions and relaxes facial features. The wrinkles disappear (don’t expect great miracles, we speak of SMALL wrinkles) in the area of the eyes and between the eyebrows.

    And not only is the family Kardashian, that makes use of this compound for maintaining their particular routines, but other names such as Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Leonardo Dicaprio or Madonna also sound among the celebrities who use botox organic biotulina.

    What a life more hard.