BTS does go crazy Justin Bieber and the ARMY calls for collaboration


Justin Bieber has surprised the ARMY and to their own fans, because as has been sharing her day-to-day quarantine through social networks, but now it is something relating to the boys of BTS.

It is noteworthy that the canadian singer suddenly becomes creative, funny, or shows their desperationas it publishes videos of how to spend the time at home, especially causes challenges between friends and followers.

That is why that recently Justin Bieber shared a short clip that fell to the ARMY, as it is shown humming a theme from the clustering of K-Pop and saying the club official who appoints all the members.

Justin Bieber singing theme of BTS

But that’s not all, because you hear the singer in front of his computer: “Officially lost my head” and is that the canadian took the theme Spring day to remember the band in south korea and repeated the hymn of the ARMY: “Kim Nam Jun, Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon-Ki, Jeong Ho Seok, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, Jeon Junk Kook… oh BTS!”

As was to be expected in social networks the material in only ten hours had over 3 million views to a series of comments among the followers of both artists, especially in such an outstanding ARMY of BTS that at no time leave their idols alone.

It is noteworthy that in many occasions, the members of BTS have expressed their admiration for Justin Bieber and have already talked about a collaboration in the short term, but so far has not confirmed anything.

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If we recall the canadian singer Justin Bieber, not long ago, issued via social networks a message of encouragement to the current global crisis that is lived by the pandemic, and emphasized the workers who can not stay at home in addition said the government “is working on ways to help people in financial crisis”.