Carmen Campuzano presumed to be his triumphant return to the modeling … watch out Kendall Jenner!

Just like the phoenix, the mexican Carmen Campuzano has risen from the ashes. Although it seems that the designers, magazines and photographers had already forgotten her, Carmen has returned triumphantly to the world of modeling and bragged about on their social networks. Does the new rival of Kendall Jenner?

With 49 years old, model and mexican actress seems to be back in the high fashion magazines. With much glamour and a look editorial, “the Campu” marked his return to the industry modeling after several years away from the lens of the photographers and the designers. It was she who boasted in his account of Instagram.

Carmen Campuzano in his time was considered one of the supermodels mexican most important internationally. He made several covers for Vogue magazine, one of the most notable of fashion. In addition, he received awards for his work in modeling and was one of the most beautiful women.

Carmen Campuzano before and after/Photo: The Net News

Carmen Campuzano before and after/Photo: The Net News

However, it is said that the addiction to drugs and alcohol made that its beauty is out-ending; even though she herself has stated on several occasions that the malformations that occurred to his face and mainly his nose, were caused by a bacterium that got you into the agency.

Carmen Campuzano returns as a model

Despite the fact that anyone would think that Carmen Campuzano as he would not return to the magazine cover, she bragged that it’s still all a supermodel, as it recently appeared in the German magazine of design and art, KalBlut. Here we see that the actress also still retains his talent for posing before the camera.

Similarly, the official account of the journal shared throughout the photoshoot carried out at the supermodel mexican. This session has caused a lot of comments among the users of social networks.

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Since some believe that Carmen could be the new competition of young models like Kendall Jenner, while others believe that the time of Carmen in the modeling has already passed.

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